“House of illusion” by Brassai

The photograph titled “House of Illusion” by the artist Brassai is from his series “Paris by Night.” The image captures a nocturnal scene, likely taken on the streets of Paris, which seems to be a key theme in the artist’s body of work.

In this black and white photograph, we see the entrance to a building marked with the name “Suzy.” The number “7” is illuminated above a doorway that appears to be partially open, revealing a slice of the interior or perhaps a reflection. A figure, whose details are obscured by shadow, stands in the doorway, adding a sense of mystery to the image. The door is flanked by ornate metal grilles which feature decorative patterns and oval motifs. Most of the photograph is shrouded in shadow, creating a stark contrast with the lit areas and highlighting textures. The photo embodies Brassai’s skill in using light and shadow to evoke the ambience and intrigue of Parisian nights.

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