Lovers in a Bistro by Brassai (1932-33)

“Lovers in a Bistro” is a photograph by the artist Brassai, dated from 1932-33. The photograph captures an intimate moment between a couple in a bistro setting.

In the image, a man and a woman are seated close together at a small round table. The ambience suggests a dimly lit, perhaps cozy interior, typical of a bistro. The man, dressed in a dark suit and tie, leans towards the woman, appearing to be in a conversation or about to kiss her. The woman, wearing a dark coat and hat, leans into him while holding his hand. Their expressions and body language convey a sense of affection and closeness. On the table, we see a cigarette in an ashtray and what appears to be a book or a small clutch purse beside it, indicating a relaxed social scene. The photograph evokes the atmosphere of Parisian night life in the 1930s and provides a glimpse into the personal moment shared by the couple.

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