Mother and child, Tehuantepec by Tina Modotti (1929)

The photograph titled “Mother and child, Tehuantepec” was captured by artist Tina Modotti in the year 1929. The black and white image portrays an intimate scene focusing on a child carried by a mother or a caregiver. The child is held closely against the adult’s body, with its round and soft baby limbs in relaxed contrast to the supportive and steady arms of the adult. The picture shows the child’s bare back and plump arms, suggesting a sense of vulnerability and innocence that is being protected by the adult. It seems to reflect a moment of care and nurturing within a cultural context, which is indicated by the title referencing Tehuantepec, a region in Mexico known for its distinct indigenous culture and strong matriarchal society. The adult’s attire appears simple and functional, and the background displays a textured surface, perhaps part of a rustic setting, which adds to the authenticity and timeless quality of the moment being depicted.

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