Hands of the puppeteer by Tina Modotti (1929)

The photograph “Hands of the puppeteer” was captured by artist Tina Modotti in 1929. This image is a monochromatic photograph, focusing on the intricacies and interplay of hands and strings against a clothed backdrop. It features a closely captured detail of a person’s hands manipulating the jointed limbs of a wooden puppet with strings. The hands are intertwined with the strings of the puppet, which creates a strong visual metaphor for control and manipulation. The photograph has a rich texture, with the woven fabric of the backdrop and the fine lines of the strings against the puppeteer’s fingers adding depth to the image. The play of light and shadow accentuates the hands and puppet, alluding to the themes of artistry and dexterity associated with puppeteering.

Other Photographs from Tina Modotti

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