“Ham and Eggs” by John Gutmann (1938)

The photograph titled “Ham and Eggs” was taken by John Gutmann in 1938 in San Francisco. The image features two individuals standing in front of a shop window. The woman in the photograph is holding a newspaper with the headline “Persecution Stirs Testimony Anger,” and both she and the man are wearing hats and glasses. They appear to be a mature couple, and their attire suggests a modest, perhaps working-class background. The man is dressed in a suit with a tie and fedora hat, while the woman is dressed in a coat with a patterned scarf and a distinct hat. They seem to be standing closely together, indicating a possible connection or relationship between them. The shop window behind them has various texts advertising services such as watchmaking and engraving, along with a prominent display of various items, possibly watches and clocks, indicating the place is likely a watchmaker or jeweler’s shop. The display includes signs such as “Wrist Watches” and “Engraver,” and the term “Watchmaker” is prominently printed at the bottom of the window. The reflection on the window adds depth to the image, hinting at the busy city life beyond the immediate subjects.

Other Photographs from John Gutmann

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