Cord in Harlem by John Gutmann (1936)

The photograph titled “Cord in Harlem” was captured by the artist John Gutmann in the year 1936 in New York.

In the photograph, we see a vintage car, a Cord, which is the main subject of the image. The car’s design is distinctive, with a shiny, streamlined body, rounded headlamps flanking a bold grille, and the iconic ‘coffin’ hood design. There are two men standing by the car, one nearer to the foreground angled towards the car, while the other is in profile, standing slightly aloof from the car and the first man. This interaction suggests that the car is an object of interest or discussion. The backdrop reveals a densely built-up urban environment that characteristically denotes Harlem during this time period. The streets look wet, suggesting recent rain, and the overcast sky contributes to the slightly moody atmosphere of the scene. The image is monochromatic, which adds to the historic and timeless quality of the photo.

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