Black Jack in Reno at Election Time by John Gutmann (1936)

The photograph entitled “Black Jack in Reno at Election Time” was taken by the artist John Gutmann in the year 1936 in Nevada. This black and white image captures a scene inside a betting establishment during an election period. The photograph shows several men clad in suits, with hats common of the era, gathered around in discussion or focused on the activities taking place. In the background, a large board lists various locations alongside names and numerical figures, likely related to the odds or results of gambling wagers or election outcomes. In the center, a man is seated at a table facing the viewer, with another figure appearing to be speaking to him, possibly placing a bet or inquiring about the posted information. The scene encapsulates a moment in time where the atmosphere of anticipation and speculation is palpable, reflecting the intersection of politics, gambling, and daily life during the historical period.

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