Yucatan, Mexico by Stephen Shore (1990)

The photograph titled “Yucatan, Mexico” was taken by artist Stephen Shore in the year 1990. It portrays a scene with a young child standing near a rough concrete wall, beside a wooden ladder. The child is wearing a light-colored, somewhat oversized shirt and is rubbing or shielding their eyes with one hand, suggesting discomfort or shyness. In the foreground, a rooster can be seen on the left side of the frame, and there are scattered pieces of litter and assorted debris on the ground. A rudimentary table and bench, along with a log, also occupy the foreground. The background features an improvised structure with a fa├žade made of assorted wooden planks and sheets. The overall impression is that of a modest, rural setting, possibly indicating the socioeconomic conditions of the area. The photograph captures the textural details and a sense of everyday life in this Yucatan locale.

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