Coronado Street, Los Angeles, California by Stephen Shore (1975)

The photograph titled “Coronado Street, Los Angeles, California” was captured by artist Stephen Shore on June 21, 1975. The image depicts a seemingly ordinary scene from a Los Angeles neighborhood. In the center stands a small, single-story building that appears to be a residential home. The structure has a light beige facade with stucco detailing around the windows and roofline, which is indicative of the architectural styles commonly found in the region.

The house has a flat roof and symmetrical front, with a central door flanked by two windows with dark-colored shutters. The garden in front of the house is dense with a variety of shrubs and plants, and there are taller trees and a palm tree visible behind the house. A footpath leads from the sidewalk to the front door of the home. Utility poles and wires are noticeable in the background, which, along with the vegetation, provides a sense of the suburban landscape. The lighting indicates it might be either early morning or late afternoon, casting shadows that accentuate the foliage and architectural details. This snapshot provides a sense of the time and place of suburban America in the mid-1970s.

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