Meeting Street, Charleston, South Carolina by Stephen Shore (1975)

The photograph titled “Meeting Street, Charleston, South Carolina” is the work of photographer Stephen Shore, captured on August 3, 1975. It portrays an urban scene of several older buildings that appear somewhat worn and aged. The beige and tan facades have numerous windows of varying sizes, and one building features a staircase leading to an upper door. At ground level, there are a few doorways and some boarded-up sections. Two vehicles are parked in the scene – one prominently visible is an older model car in a dark color, and the other is partially cut off from the left frame. A prominent feature in the foreground are the faded but still visible yellow markings of parking spaces on the tarmac. The sunlight casts the side of the building and vehicles in a warm tone, suggesting this photo was taken during daytime. The overall mood of the photograph suggests a quiet and perhaps desolate urban environment, capturing a moment in time in Charleston’s urban history.

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