Church and Second Streets, Easton, Pennsylvania by Stephen Shore (1974)

The photograph “Church and Second Streets, Easton, Pennsylvania” is a work by Stephen Shore, captured on June 20, 1974. The image displays a street scene characterized by a modest incline, with older buildings lining one side. A dominant three-story building with a green-trimmed facade catches the eye, featuring symmetrically aligned windows. A classic red-and-white van is parked alongside the pavement, adding a touch of mid-20th century Americana to the setting. The air appears hazy, suggesting a humid or overcast day, and hints of greenery emerge in the background, contrasting with the urban environment. The photograph exudes a quiet, almost still atmosphere of a small-town street at a time that feels paused, reflecting an ordinary moment in the everyday lives of the town’s inhabitants during the 1970s.

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