Xmas tree in a living room in Levittown, L.I. by Diane Arbus (1963)

The photograph titled “Xmas tree in a living room in Levittown, L.I.” was captured by Diane Arbus in the year 1963. It portrays an indoor Christmas setting within a domestic space that is presumably situated in Levittown, Long Island.

The image depicts a modest-sized living room with a Christmas tree toward the corner. The tree is heavily adorned with tinsel and is surrounded by a multitude of wrapped gifts beneath its branches. To the left, there is a couch with a patterned covering and a single cushion, and on the wall above it, a starburst clock adds a touch of mid-century design. In the center of the room, a coffee table holds what appears to be a floral arrangement. To the right, an old-fashioned television set sits near the corner, its screen reflecting the blank walls of the room. The decor presents a vintage aesthetic, with the image’s monochrome tones enhancing the retro feel of the scene. The room is tidy and presents an atmosphere of calm anticipation for the holiday festivities.

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