Puerto Rican woman with a beauty mark, N.Y.C. by Diane Arbus (1965)

The photograph titled “Puerto Rican woman with a beauty mark, N.Y.C.” is a work by artist Diane Arbus from the year 1965. It captures the close-up portrait of a Puerto Rican woman in New York City. The woman has a prominent beauty mark on her face.

In the image, the subject is directly facing the camera, and her expression appears to be contemplative or perhaps slightly troubled. Her hair is somewhat windswept and voluminous, adding a dynamic aspect to the image. She is wearing a dark garment with a slightly sheer head covering that frames her face, drawing attention to her features, particularly her eyes and the beauty mark. The photograph is a black-and-white image with a focus on the textures of her hair and the fabric around her, contributing to a sense of depth and intimacy. Her gaze seems to engage the viewer, suggesting an unstated emotional narrative behind her portrait.

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