A family one evening in a nudist camp, Pa. by Diane Arbus (1965)

The photograph titled “A family one evening in a nudist camp, Pa.” was taken by artist Diane Arbus in 1965. It depicts a family of four—two adults and two children—in a naturist setting. They are captured in a candid, unposed moment, characteristic of Arbus’s work, which often explored unconventional subjects.

In the image, the family is situated in an open field, and all members appear to be nude, adhering to nudist camp norms. The mother and father are seated on the grass, with the mother resting her arm on her knee and looking directly at the camera, while the father glances off to the side. The younger child is bending forward, engrossed in an activity on the ground, and the older child is sitting with their back to the camera. The setting is natural and calm, with elements like a car and a faint plume of smoke in the background contributing to the atmosphere of tranquil, everyday life. The photograph showcases Arbus’s unique ability to capture intimate moments of humanity.

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