A young Brooklyn family going for a Sunday outing, N.Y.C. by Diane Arbus (1966)

The photograph titled “A young Brooklyn family going for a Sunday outing, N.Y.C.” was captured by the artist Diane Arbus in the year 1966. It depicts a family of four engaging in a leisure activity, presumably capturing a candid moment of their everyday life.

The photograph is a black and white image showing a family standing in what appears to be an outdoor setting with buildings in the background. The mother is holding a baby in her arms, and the baby is wearing a bonnet; the mother has a thoughtful expression on her face. She is stylishly dressed, possibly indicating the era with her voluminous hairstyle and makeup. To her side, there is a young boy holding onto what seems to be the father’s hand. The boy looks directly at the camera with a curious or possibly surprised expression. The father stands slightly apart from the mother, dressed in a simple jacket with a collared shirt underneath, and shows a subtle, almost neutral facial expression. The overall mood of the image may be perceived as somewhat serious, with each family member appearing to be in their own state of contemplation.

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