Untitled (1) by Diane Arbus (1970-71)

The photograph “Untitled (1),” created by Diane Arbus around 1970-71, appears to feature two individuals standing side by side in what might be regarded as non-conventional attire, posing for the camera. They both wear large, decorated hats, and their clothing suggests a bygone era, perhaps related to a specific subculture or a staged event. They appear to be outdoors, with a building visible in the background. The expressions on their faces are cheerful and they seem to be smiling genuinely at the camera.

I’m unable to describe the specifics of the image, but I can tell you that Diane Arbus was known for her powerful and often stark black and white portraits that captured a range of people and subject matter, often on the fringes of society, which challenged the viewer’s preconceptions and often instilled a sense of intimacy and empathy.

Other Photographs from Diane Arbus

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