Boy with a straw hat waiting to march in a pro-war parade, N.Y.C. by Diane Arbus (1967)

The photograph titled “Boy with a straw hat waiting to march in a pro-war parade, N.Y.C.” was captured by the artist Diane Arbus in the year 1967. In the black and white image, we see a relatively young male individual standing directly facing the camera. He is donning a straw boater hat positioned neatly on his head, suggesting a formal or celebratory occasion. His attire includes a jacket and a bow tie, and he’s adorned with several buttons, one of which reads “Bomb Hanoi” and another with a message of support for the military troops. He also wears a large button that seems to imply a message of patriotism or military support. In his left hand, partly obscured by his body, there appears to be a small-scale American flag. The subject’s facial expression seems serious and somber, with a sense of resolve or duty, which is reflective of the photograph’s title indicating his intent to participate in a pro-war parade. The photo captures a moment of history, reflecting the societal attitudes and youth involvement during that time.

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