Wheelbarrow with flower pots by Edward Steichen (1920)

The photograph “Wheelbarrow with flower pots” by Edward Steichen, taken in France in 1920, presents an array of flower pots neatly stacked in a wheelbarrow. The black-and-white image captures the simplicity and texture of the pots, showcasing Steichen’s skill in creating a visually compelling composition with everyday objects.

In the image, the round flower pots are organized with care, their rims creating a pattern of repetitive shapes. The photograph is marked by a strong attention to form, shadow, and light, with the play of light emphasizing the texture of the pots and the wheelbarrow’s structure. The monochromatic tones further accentuate the pots’ cylindrical forms and the geometry of the composition. The photograph is devoid of any immediate background details, focusing the viewer entirely on the wheelbarrow and its contents, and inviting contemplation of the interplay between the utilitarian objects and their artistic arrangement.

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