Henri Matisse and “The Serpentine” by Edward Steichen (c. 1909)

The photograph titled “Henri Matisse and ‘The Serpentine'”, taken by Edward Steichen around 1909, features the renowned artist Henri Matisse. In this black and white image, Matisse is seen seated, slightly turned towards his left with his face in profile. He appears contemplative or focused, holding a sculpting tool in his hands, suggesting that he may be in the process of working or in a moment of reflection about his work. A sculpture, likely “The Serpentine,” appears in the background to Matisse’s right: it is softly lit and slightly out of focus, highlighting its form and adding to the atmospheric quality of the image. The photograph has a soft, painterly quality to it, characteristic of the Pictorialist style that was prominent in Steichen’s era.

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