Portrait of Miss Sawyer by Edward Steichen (c. 1914)

The photograph titled “Portrait of Miss Sawyer” was captured by the artist Edward Steichen around the year 1914. It portrays a soft-focused image of a young girl, a characteristic of the pictorialist style prevalent in the early 20th century which Steichen was known for. The girl appears to be gently holding a small cat in her arms, with a pleasant expression on her face, slightly smiling at the camera. There are blooming yellow flowers, possibly daffodils, prominently displayed in the foreground, adding color and a sense of life to the composition. The background is softly blurred, making it difficult to discern precise details but suggesting an indoor setting with a draped fabric. The overall mood of the photograph is tender and serene with a painterly quality, emphasizing the aesthetic aspects over sharp documentary realism.

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