Midnight – Rodin’s Balzac by Edward Steichen (1908)

The photograph “Midnight – Rodin’s Balzac” was taken by the artist Edward Steichen in the year 1908. The image depicts the statue of Balzac, a work by the sculptor Auguste Rodin, captured in a way that gives it a haunting and almost ethereal presence.

In the photograph, we see the statue of Balzac standing tall and solitary. The lighting and the time of the shot contribute to creating a dramatic, moody atmosphere, and the dark backdrop accentuates the silhouette of the statue. Trees and what appear to be leaves or branches frame the statue, contributing to a somber, natural setting that almost merges with the shadows. The statue itself is shrouded in darkness, with the details of its sculpture softened and cloaked, creating a mystical aura around the figure of Balzac. The print’s low contrast and soft focus contribute to the image’s otherworldly and timeless quality.

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