Untitled by Joel Meyerowitz (1966)

The photograph “Untitled” was taken by the artist Joel Meyerowitz in the year 1966. The black and white image presents an indoor scene, which appears to be set in a modestly decorated room. Central to the composition is a projection screen displaying an image of a curving surface, possibly a desert dune or ocean wave, under a bright sky. To the left of the screen, there’s a dark open doorway, and to the right is what looks like a small television with a snowy, static-filled screen. Above the television set hangs a small round mirror, reflecting a part of the room unseen to the viewer. The room has a sparse and almost staged quality, each element carefully placed, suggesting a deeper narrative or symbolism. The stark contrast of the elements, such as the technological objects and their surroundings, provides the viewer with a multifaceted layer of interpretation.

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