Fallen Man, Paris, France by Joel Meyerowitz (1967)

The photograph titled “Fallen Man, Paris, France” was captured by artist Joel Meyerowitz in the year 1967. The image depicts a busy Parisian street scene, where an incident has occurred, drawing attention from the surrounding people.

In the photograph, a man lies on the ground while several bystanders are gathered around or looking towards him, displaying varying levels of concern. One individual, who appears particularly concerned, is kneeling beside the fallen man. There’s a sense of organized chaos, with some pedestrians simply going about their business—like the man on a bicycle in the background—while others stop to observe the situation. The setting suggests a typical city day, with cars parked along the road and a tram stopped nearby. The clothing and hairstyles of the civilians help establish the era in which the image was taken. A small child, possibly oblivious to the central event, stands in the foreground, adding to the complexity of the scene. The photograph captures a candid moment of urban life where an unexpected event has briefly intersected with the daily routines of the city’s inhabitants.

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