Provincetown by Joel Meyerowitz (1976-77)

The photograph titled “Provincetown” was created by artist Joel Meyerowitz in the years 1976-77. This image depicts a seemingly ordinary scene at a gas station during what appears to be dusk, with the warm glow of the sunset softly illuminating the sky. Fluorescent lights cast a bright, artificial glow underneath the station’s canopy. The station, identified as Cumberland Farms, is a snapshot of 1970s America, complete with period vehicles at the pumps and signage advertising the prices of the era. A solitary figure can be seen perched atop the roof near the central signage, contributing an element of human presence to the composition. The combination of natural and artificial light, alongside the architectural and cultural elements, encapsulates a moment in time reflective of the era in which the photograph was taken.

Other Photographs from Joel Meyerowitz

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