New York by Joel Meyerowitz (1971)

The photograph titled “New York,” taken by artist Joel Meyerowitz in the year 1971, captures a busy street scene within the city. In the photograph, we see a bustling sidewalk filled with various individuals and elements that evoke the urban atmosphere of the era. The foreground is dominated by a woman walking with confidence directly towards the camera. Nearby, a man in a wheelchair can be noticed, positioned between a parked van and a USPS mailbox. The scene also includes other pedestrians, all moving about their day, and a glimpse of the storefronts that line the street, suggesting commercial activity. There appears to be a mix of tension and dynamism within the scene, as is common with Meyerowitz’s street photography, providing an authentic look at urban life during that period.

Other Photographs from Joel Meyerowitz

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