Untitled Film Still #48 by Cindy Sherman (1979)

“Untitled Film Still #48” is a black and white photograph by artist Cindy Sherman from the year 1979. The photograph captures a scene reminiscent of a classic film still.

In the image, we see a young woman standing on the shoulder of a two-lane road, with her back partly turned towards the viewer. She gazes into the distance over a serene landscape that features a gentle slope down to a body of water, with hills visible on the horizon under a partly cloudy sky. Her appearance suggests a vintage, perhaps mid-20th-century look: she wears a knee-length plaid skirt, a light-colored blouse with her sleeves rolled up to the elbows, white gloves, and white shoes. Her blonde hair is styled in a short, wavy bob that is typical of an earlier era. Standing next to her is a medium-sized, old-fashioned hard-shell suitcase. The setting appears rural and somewhat desolate, evoking a sense of solitude or contemplation. The composition of the photograph, along with the subject’s attire and the mood captured, implies a narrative that is left to the viewer’s imagination.

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