Untitled #96 by Cindy Sherman (1981)

The photograph “Untitled #96” was created by artist Cindy Sherman in 1981. In this image, we see a figure lying down against an angled surface that appears to be a floor with a pattern of brick-like tiles. The person, whose gender is not explicitly defined, is dressed in an orange shirt and a light skirt with a plaid pattern and is holding what appears to be the wrapper of a stick of butter. The individual’s gaze is directed upward, and their expression could be interpreted as one of contemplation or distraction. The angle of the shot and the positioning of the person contribute to an intriguingly composed photograph that may suggest a narrative or represent a character, typical of Sherman’s work where she skillfully employs makeup, costumes, and settings to create various personas in photographic self-portraiture. The lighting emphasizes the subject exhibiting a blend of warmth with the cool tones of the shadowed areas, adding to the photograph’s thoughtful ambience.

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