Untitled #123 by Cindy Sherman (1983)

The photograph “Untitled #123” is a work by artist Cindy Sherman from the year 1983. It features an image of a woman who appears to be seated on a wooden chair. The woman is wearing a striped garment that looks like a one-piece bathing suit or a tank top with shorts. Over her shoulders, there’s a loose-knit cardigan or shawl, the color of which complements the warm tones of the photograph. She has a cheerful expression, almost as if she’s mid-laugh, with her mouth open and eyes gently crinkled in a smile. The lighting accentuates the contours of her face and casts dramatic shadows, adding depth to the image. She’s holding onto the sides of the chair, leaning slightly forward, and her posture along with her engaging smile gives the picture an informal and candid feel. The background is nondescript and dark, putting the focus on the subject and creating contrast that highlights the figure. The overall impression is one of a staged yet intimate moment, possibly evoking the social and cultural atmospheres of the era.

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