Under one of the Seine bridges by Brassai

The photograph titled “Under one of the Seine bridges” comes from the collection “Paris by Night” by the artist Brassai. It dates back to the period when Brassai was actively capturing the nocturnal essence of Paris through his lens.

In the photograph, we see a somewhat mysterious scene captured beneath one of the bridges over the Seine River in Paris. The image is characterized by its play with light and shadow, creating a moody and atmospheric portrayal of the city at night. The light source, possibly a lamp, illuminates part of the bridge’s arch and reflects off the water below, hinting at the still surface of the river. Silhouettes of two individuals are faintly visible under the bridge, adding a human element to the scene that invites speculation about their stories. Above the bridge, shrouded in mist or fog, the city’s ambient light softly outlines the buildings and trees in the background, with the light diffused through the nighttime haze. The photograph demonstrates a skillful use of contrast and a keen eye for capturing the quiet, sometimes overlooked, moments of urban life. The overall effect is both dramatic and intimate, inviting viewers into a private moment in the illustrious city of Paris.

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