Torn Movie Poster by Walker Evans (1931)

The photograph titled “Torn Movie Poster” was captured by the artist Walker Evans in 1931. The image depicts a black and white movie poster that is torn down the middle. The tear disrupts the image on the poster, which features the faces of a man and a woman. The man’s face is on the left side of the tear, presented in profile view, looking rightward with a serious expression. On the right side of the tear, the woman’s face is displayed in a frontal view, looking directly out with wide, engaging eyes. Both faces are closely cropped, and their features are prominent. The word “SAS” is partially visible at the top of the poster, suggesting a larger text or title that is mostly obscured, likely due to the torn paper. The torn edges add a textured, almost three-dimensional effect to the photograph. The contrast and drama of the poster are accentuated by the tear, offering a striking visual statement.

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