Parked Car, Small Town, Main Street, 1932 by Walker Evans

The photograph titled “Parked Car, Small Town, Main Street, 1932” is attributed to the artist Walker Evans and was taken in Ossining, New York. It captures a moment on a main street in a small town during the early 20th century.

In the black and white image, we see two women seated in a parked car with the top down. The woman in the driver’s seat is turned slightly towards the camera with her hands on the steering wheel, appearing composed and somewhat curious about the photographer. The passenger, beside her, is turned more directly towards the camera and has an expression that seems introspective or lost in thought. The contrast between their expressions and the moving background suggests a fleeting moment within a dynamic urban setting. The blurred car passing by in the background gives a sense of the surrounding activity and motion, perhaps indicating the bustle of the main street in contrast to the stillness of the subjects in the foreground.

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