Girl in Fulton Street by Walker Evans (1929)

The photograph titled “Girl in Fulton Street” is a work by artist Walker Evans, captured in the year 1929 in New York City. In this black and white image, the central focus is a young woman’s face, looking off to the right, partially framed by the silhouetted heads and hats of men in the foreground. The picture exhibits a candid moment on a busy street, with the woman’s expression appearing contemplative amid the urban hustle. The surroundings are slightly blurred, but city elements like signs, one reading “AGHETTI,” and the edges of buildings serve as a backdrop, giving a sense of place and evoking the era with its distinct architectural and fashion details. The impression is one of a fleeting, everyday instance caught on film, representing a snapshot of life in the city at the end of the 1920s.

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