Theresa Avenue by Joel Meyerowitz (1977)

The photograph titled “Theresa Avenue” is a creation by the artist Joel Meyerowitz, captured in St. Louis in the year 1977. The image depicts a street scene with a clear sky. In the foreground, a street sign that reads “THERESA AV” is visible, attached to a lamppost. To the right of the sign, we see a fire hydrant painted in yellow. A corner building with white and brown fa├žade sits at the intersection, and behind it a row of buildings stretches out into the distance, culminating in a tall, Art Deco style structure. The street is mostly devoid of human activity, suggesting a quiet or abandoned part of the city. There’s a sense of day-to-day stillness and the architecture speaks of an era with the older-style buildings and signage.

Other Photographs from Joel Meyerowitz

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