The Gould and Curry Mill, by Timothy O’Sullivan

“The Gould and Curry Mill” is a photograph by Timothy O’Sullivan, dating back to when he visited Virginia City, Nevada. It captures an industrial scene indicative of the mining activity that was prevalent in the area during that time.

The photograph depicts a milling facility nestled among hilly terrain. In the foreground, there are multiple large buildings, the central one featuring a tall smokestack emitting a plume of smoke, indicating that the mill is active. Surrounding the smokestack building are several other structures, likely associated with the mining and milling operations, such as storage facilities, processing buildings, and possibly housing for workers. A network of paths or roads connects the buildings and there is very little vegetation visible, suggesting the industrial nature of the landscape has altered the local ecology. The image is monochromatic, as was typical for photography of that era, which adds to the historic character of the scene.

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