Fissure Vent of Steamboat Springs by Timothy O’Sullivan (1867)

The “Fissure Vent of Steamboat Springs” is a photograph taken by Timothy O’Sullivan in 1867. The image captures a steam vent at Steamboat Springs, evidencing geothermal activity in the area. The photograph has historic value, offering a glimpse into the early documentation of the American landscape.

The photograph depicts a harsh and barren landscape with a distinct fissure from which steam is emanating. The ground surrounding the fissure appears to be dry and cracked, emphasizing the geothermal nature of the region. The background features gently rolling hills that recede into the horizon under a light sky, likely indicative of either dawn or dusk, considering the soft ambient light. The scene is devoid of any vegetation or wildlife, which creates a sense of desolation and highlights the stark beauty of the natural phenomenon captured by O’Sullivan’s lens.

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