Savage-Cage, Virginia City by Timothy O’Sullivan (1867)

The photograph titled “Savage-Cage, Virginia City” was taken by the artist Timothy O’Sullivan in the year 1867. It depicts a wintry scene where we see a structure resembling a wooden tripod with a platform and a sheltered top, possibly associated with mining activities, standing in the foreground amidst snow. The platform is elevated, and a person is standing on it, giving a sense of scale to the apparatus.

In the background, the architecture indicative of the period is visible, featuring a building with wooden siding and a circular window feature. Large icicles have formed along the edges of the building, highlighting the cold and snowy conditions. The snow itself appears to have been shoveled or cleared in certain parts, and piles of it serve as a testament to the harsh winter weather experienced in Virginia City at the time. The image, being monochromatic, captures the starkness of the landscape and the utilitarian nature of the built environment during the period of Western expansion and mining boom in the United States.

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