The Cliff House from the Beach, San Francisco by Carleton Watkins

The photograph titled “The Cliff House from the Beach, San Francisco” by artist Carleton Watkins was taken after the year 1867. It depicts the Cliff House, a landmark San Francisco building, as seen from the adjacent beach.

In the image, the Cliff House is situated atop a rugged cliff, overlooking the shore. The calm sea stretches to the horizon, while the smooth, wet sand of the beach reflects the scene above. In the foreground, the beach is wide and appears to be at low tide, with gentle waves breaking in the distance. Three large rock formations emerge from the ocean, slightly to the left of the frame, breaking the calm surface of the water and adding drama to the seascape. The Cliff House itself is a prominent fixture, perched on the edge of the steep cliff, with its architecture suggesting a grand, solitary presence against the natural backdrop. The photograph captures a serene moment, combining the majesty of the coastline with the human-made structure, providing a glimpse into the past of this historic San Francisco locale.

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