Cape Horn, Columbia River by Carleton Watkins (1867)

The photograph titled “Cape Horn, Columbia River,” created by Carleton Watkins in 1867, depicts a tranquil scene along the Columbia River. The image shows towering cliffs lining the river, creating a majestic backdrop. In the foreground, the river’s calm waters reflect the cliffs, enhancing the serene quality of the scene. On the riverbank, there are three small rowboats; two are pulled up onto the shore, while a third floats near the water’s edge, with an individual seated inside, possibly resting or working. On the shore beside one of the boats, there appears to be another individual who is standing. The surrounding landscape is vacant of any modern infrastructure, imparting a sense of untouched wilderness during that era. The photograph captures the natural beauty and grandeur of the landscape, characteristic of Carleton Watkins’ work during the late 19th century.

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