Grizzly Giant, Mariposa Grove, 33 ft. Diam. by Carleton Watkins (1861)

The photograph titled “Grizzly Giant, Mariposa Grove, 33 ft. Diam.” is a historical image captured by the artist Carleton Watkins in the year 1861. The black-and-white photograph showcases the massive Grizzly Giant tree located in Mariposa Grove. This iconic sequoia tree is known for its impressive girth, which measures 33 feet in diameter.

In the image, the sheer size of the Grizzly Giant is emphasized by the presence of much smaller trees surrounding it, as well as the inclusion of a figure—a person standing at the base of the tree—providing a sense of scale. The towering tree dominates the composition, with its enormous trunk rising high into the canopy, which spreads out majestically against the sky. The image conveys the awe-inspiring presence of one of nature’s giants, standing amidst a forested landscape that emphasizes its grandeur and the serenity of its natural environment.

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