Cape Horn near Celilo by Carleton Watkins (1867)

The photograph titled “Cape Horn near Celilo” was captured by artist Carleton Watkins in the year 1867. The image shows a landscape that includes a railway track running into the distance alongside a river. A towering cliff is prominent on the right side of the photograph, emphasizing the scale and the rugged terrain. In the middle ground, the tracks lead toward a distant curve, guiding the viewer’s eye through the scene. The calm expanse of the river can be seen to the left, meeting the base of gentle sloping hills in the distance, further enhancing the sense of a vast, serene environment. The sky is overcast, and the overall tone of the photograph is muted, reflective of the photographic technology and aesthetic sensibilities of the time. This black and white image captures the tranquil yet imposing presence of the landscape typical of Watkins’ work during this period.

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