Sutter Street and Crestline Road, Fort Worth, Texas by Stephen Shore (1976)

This photograph is titled “Sutter Street and Crestline Road, Fort Worth, Texas,” and was taken by Stephen Shore on June 3, 1976. It captures a street scene in Fort Worth, Texas.

The photograph shows an intersection with a street sign indicating Crestline Road. In the foreground, there is a red car parked on the side of the street. Another older, white car is partially visible behind a bush on an adjacent road. There are some residential buildings in the background – one prominently in the mid-ground appears to be a brown brick house with a substantial lawn. The area has lush greenery with trees and bushes surrounding the homes and along the sidewalks. The weather looks clear with some cloud cover, suggesting a typical sunny day in suburban Texas during the 1970s. The image embodies the quiet and still atmosphere of residential America, capturing a moment in time through Shore’s lens.

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