Still Life, New York by Gordon Parks (1958)

“Still Life, New York” is a photograph taken by the artist Gordon Parks in 1958. The photograph captures a richly textured still life scene. It consists of a beautifully curated selection of objects placed on and above a wooden mantlepiece. There are multiple framed photographs, suggesting memories or homage to loved ones and figures from the past. The portraits display individuals and groups from different eras, prominently featured on the mantle.

Also arranged on the shelf are books stacked horizontally, a variety of vases, and other decorative elements that reflect a domestic scene rich with personal history. On the horizontal surface in front of the mantle, there’s an open book with a feather quill resting inside, next to a piece of paper, possibly suggesting the act of writing or correspondence. To the left of the book is an apple, which can be symbolic of knowledge or temptation, adding another layer of meaning to the arrangement. All these objects are set against a wallpapered background with a floral pattern, contributing to the vintage and contemplative atmosphere of the scene.

Overall, the image conveys a sense of nostalgia, personal history, and the passage of time through the intimate display of these everyday and yet historically significant objects.

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