Ingrid Bergman at Stromboli by Gordon Parks (1949)

The photograph titled “Ingrid Bergman at Stromboli,” taken by Gordon Parks in 1949, captures a candid moment with actress Ingrid Bergman. In the image, Bergman is seen in the foreground, her gaze directed downwards, and a somewhat contemplative or introspective look on her face. She is wearing what appears to be a light-colored blouse with her hair styled back. In the background, three local women dressed in traditional black attire, two of them carrying baskets, are walking along a street that looks to be within a village, possibly on the volcanic island of Stromboli. The contrast between the famous actress and the local inhabitants suggests a narrative of cultural intersection or an outsider amongst the local way of life. The setting appears rustic and simple, providing a stark backdrop that emphasizes the solitary figure of Bergman against a glimpse of everyday life on the island.

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