Drugstore Cowboys, Blind River, Ontario by Gordon Parks (1955)

The photograph titled “Drugstore Cowboys, Blind River, Ontario” was taken by the artist Gordon Parks in 1955. This black and white photograph depicts a group of five young men casually posed in front of what appears to be a storefront. Each individual has a distinct stance and expression, contributing to the overall relaxed yet confident demeanor of the group. The men are dressed in attire that suggests a mix of work and casual styles from the mid-20th century, with some wearing hats, jeans, and several in jackets or layered clothing. The building behind them features wooden construction with signs and a window visibly displaying the word “DRUGS” and other commercial signage indicative of the era. There’s a sense of youth culture communicated through their body language and attire, offering a glimpse into the lifestyle and fashion of young men in the 1950s.

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