St. Roch Cemetery, New Orleans by Edward Weston (1941)

The photograph titled “St. Roch Cemetery, New Orleans” was captured by the artist Edward Weston in the year 1941. The photograph depicts a woman seated near an array of religious-themed objects and prosthetic limbs. On the wall, there’s a collection of body parts—presumably ex-votos, which are offerings given in fulfillment of a vow or in gratitude for an answered prayer. There are also religious images, including a framed picture of a saint-like figure, and various other religious artifacts surrounding the woman. A candelabrum with unlit candles is placed to the right, and the environment suggests a reverent or sacred space, perhaps a chapel or a shrine. The mood of the photograph is somber and reflective, underscored by the monochromatic tones and the solemn expression of the seated woman.

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