Jose Clemente Orozco by Edward Weston (1930)

The photograph titled “Jose Clemente Orozco” was captured by the artist Edward Weston in the year 1930. The photograph is a monochromatic portrait, which appears to be shot in natural lighting that emphasizes the subject’s facial features. The man in the image, presumably Jose Clemente Orozco, wears round eyeglasses and has a noticeable mustache. His hair is somewhat disheveled, and the lighting creates a pensive mood. His gaze appears to be directed upwards, slightly away from the camera, lending an introspective or thoughtful quality to the photograph. The image captures a sense of depth in the subject’s expression, suggesting a moment of contemplation or solemnity. The dark attire of the man, including a tie and a jacket, is consistent with the formal clothing style of the era.

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