Pepper No. 30 by Edward Weston (1930)

“Pepper No. 30” is a renowned black and white photograph by artist Edward Weston taken in 1930. It features a close-up of a single bell pepper with a curvaceous form and rich tonal range that emphasizes its texture and shape. The lighting and composition render the pepper almost as a sculptural object, showcasing Weston’s skill in transforming a simple subject into a powerful and evocative work of art.

In the photograph, the pepper is set against a stark, dark background that provides a strong contrast to its lighter tones. The curves and contours of the pepper are highlighted, creating an interplay of light and shadow that gives the image a three-dimensional quality. The pepper’s smooth, undulating surface resembles the curves of the human form, a characteristic that has often been noted in interpretations of this image. Weston’s careful framing and attention to detail make “Pepper No. 30” a striking example of his ability to elevate mundane subjects into fine art through photography.

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