Shells by Edward Weston (1927)

The photograph titled “Shells” was captured by artist Edward Weston in 1927. The image features two shells positioned closely together. The shell on the left stands upright, showcasing its smooth interior curves that create a sense of flowing movement. Its outer surface presents fine lines that run along its form, highlighting the shell’s natural texture. The shell on the right rests on its side, complementing the upright shell with its more rounded and closed form, and has a visible mark that adds character to its exterior surface. The composition exudes a sense of harmony and balance, with a striking contrast between the light, reflective inner surface of the left shell and the darker, more muted tones of both shells’ exteriors. The photograph’s lighting emphasizes the shapes and textures of the shells, creating an interplay of light and shadow that gives depth and a three-dimensional quality to the objects. Overall, the image is a fine example of Weston’s skill in transforming seemingly simple subjects into compelling works of art.

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