Self-Portrait, Milwaukee by Edward Steichen (1898)

The photograph “Self-Portrait, Milwaukee” was created by artist Edward Steichen in the year 1898. This image is a self-portrait featuring Edward Steichen himself. In the photograph, Steichen is depicted standing off-center on the right, giving the composition a sense of space. His attire appears formal, with a shirt, tie, and what seem to be high-waisted trousers, which match the fashion of the late 19th century. The setting is minimalistic, with a plain wall serving as the background and a dark, unadorned skirting board at the bottom. There’s a small framed item on the wall, but its details are indiscernible. The lighting is soft, casting a gentle shadow behind him, giving the image a somewhat somber and introspective mood. The overall quality of the image suggests it was taken with the photographic technology of the era, which did not have high resolution or sharp contrasts.

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