Rue des Ursins by Eugene Atget (1923)

The photograph “Rue des Ursins,” taken by Eugene Atget in 1923, showcases a historical scene from a street in Paris. The image has a sepia tone, a characteristic of the period it was taken, which adds to the vintage atmosphere of the setting. In the photograph, you see a quaint street corner with the aged facade of a building on the left side that carries a sign “HÔTEL DES 2 LION” indicating a hotel. The ground floor appears to be a business, with posters and signs plastered around its entrance, providing an insight into the vibrant street life and advertising of the era.

There are bicycles lined up against the building, suggesting a mode of transport or delivery that was common at the time. On the right of the photograph, another building’s exterior is visible, with windows adorned with shutters, characterizing the architectural style of the period. The photo is void of any people, which offers a still and quiet portrayal of the urban environment. The focus on buildings, signage, and the emptiness of the street contribute to a sense of documentation, capturing the everyday life and the atmosphere of early 20th-century Parisian streets.

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